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We all know that everything is better with a fresh tan!

So the last thing you want to do is ruin all that effort by wearing makeup that doesn’t match it properly. A common mistake made is not adjusting your makeup accordingly, resulting in having a lighter face in comparison to your bronze glowing body!

 When summer time hits and your skin tone becomes deeper, whether you tan naturally or get regular spray tans, your usual makeup is not going to match your skin correctly! Use these simple tips when you tan to ensure you are a perfectly bronzed goddess from head to toe!


 1. Purchase a foundation that matches your most tanned look! Also have your original foundation that matches your least tanned skin tone on hand. This way, while your tan fades you will be able to mix your lightest colour with your darkest to custom make your perfect shade all year round!

 2. Choose your lightest and darkest foundations from the same company, or make sure that they have finishes and textures that are similar, this will make mixing them even easier!

 3. When matching your tanned skin tone, make sure the tone matches the colour of your collarbone/décolletage.

4.  Ensure you don’t test the colour on the back of your hand or your neck, as it will end up being too light.

5. Test the foundation in natural light. This way, you’ll be able to see how correct the colour is for you! Fluorescent or dim lighting could result in picking the wrong shade.

6. Use a setting powder that is translucent. If you use a powder that has colour within it, you could risk changing the colour of your perfect bronze colour match!

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