7 Game-Changing Brow Tips For The Best Brows Of Your Life!

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Full, perfectly arched eyebrows are always in style, but sometimes it may feel like they are impossible to achieve. Eyebrows have taken centre stage in the world of makeup and have become one of the most important steps in our every day routine. We have all fallen victim to the unfortunate days of over plucking, bad waxing experiences or simply not knowing where to start with our brows. But by using these few tips and tricks you can create the perfect groomed brow to complete your makeup look. 
1. First things first, put the tweezers down!! Over tweezing leads to uneven, thin and misshapen brows so make sure that if you have to tweeze make sure you are only doing it to tidy any strays but keeping that in mind keep the shaping to the professionals !
2. When filling in your brows you need to remember that what shape suits Kimmy K might not necessarily be the right right shape for you. We have to ensure that our brow shapes are right for our face and are unique to us! Work with what you’ve got and correct areas that you need to without overdrawing your entire brow.  
3. Before we begin filling in the brows we have to brush through and make sure that there is no left over foundation in there. Brush your brows up to see exactly where you might need to fill in and then brush them in the direction that they naturally grow and fall. 
4. With a very light hand and a fine angle brush start by defining the bottom curve of the brow. This will help you to determine your desired brow shape and will ensure that you don’t take the product too low on the eyelid. 
5.To achieve a soft natural looking brow use a brow powder to fill in any sparse areas with an thin angled brush following the growth of your hair. Brow powders leave a softer more blurred effect especially when you fill them in mimicking real hair with tiny strokes. If you want a more defined full glam look do the same process but with a pomade. A pomade will provide a more structured and defined brow.  
6. Don’t over do it ! Especially on the inner part of your eyebrows. Keep the front light by using very minimal product to keep with the gradient effect that we already have naturally.
7. I love a full brow, you love a full brow, we all love a full brow! To finish off use a brow gel. A brow gel will make your eyebrows appear fuller and thicker by enhancing the hairs. This will also help to set and prolong your products. 
Always remember, you are never fully dressed without your brows ! 

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